Join Molly’s fantasy epl soccer league.

Pick your team and win!

Manager of the Year $200 Gift card.

Manager of the Month $20 gift card.

* We changed the prize format to include a manager of the month instead of 2nd & 3rd place prizes due to popular demand.

Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply use this link and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game:

You shouldn’t need the league code, but just in case here it is: 38481-102845.

The Fixtures;

Tuesday, August 19:

Besiktas vs Arsenal (Champions League Playoff, 1st leg), 2:45pm

Thursday, August 21:

AEL Trimassol vs Tottenham (Europa League)

Saturday, August 23:

Aston Villa vs Newcastle, 7:45am

Chelsea vs Leicester, 10am

Crystal Palace vs West Ham, 10am

Southampton vs West Brom, 10am

Swansea vs Burnley, 10am

Everton vs Arsenal, 12:30pm

Sunday, August 24:

Hull vs Stoke, 8:30am

Spurs vs QPR, 8:30am

Sunderland vs Manchester United, 11am

Monday, August 25:

Manchester City vs Liverpool, 3pm

Saturday, August 30:

Burnley vs Manchester United, 7:45am

Aston Villa vs Hull, 10am

Manchester City vs Stoke, 10am

Newcastle vs Crystal Palace, 10am

QPR vs Sunderland, 10am

Swansea vs West Brom, 10am

West Ham vs Southampton, 10am

Everton vs Chelsea, 12:30pm

Sunday, August 31:

Spurs vs Liverpool, 8:30am

Leicester vs Arsenal, 11am